Own A Masterpiece is a world of handicrafts that are hand-painted, made functional, affordable, and most of all, it is a mission to give back much, much more. On the one hand, we seek out downtrodden, marginalized artists who most people would have never seen or even heard of, while on the other, we make sure that we utilize only re-purposed, recycled materials in helping create items that you can own or gift, but will most certainly find a use for, nevertheless. From being conscious about our impact on the environment, to celebrating the real artistry that many of this country's artists have to offer, Own A Masterpiece has always positioned itself as an integral gateway for the community of local artists, and the everyday art connoisseurs who know a great deal when they see one.

The People

Own A Masterpiece sources the main ingredients for its "functional art" from a variety of local artists in India. Furthermore, we also house a distinctly vivid array of many different kinds of art, from Keychain Holders to purely aesthetic Wall Hangings that will bring your home or office to life. However, it is the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to put together the raw components and elements to create the basic forms that we then take and add our own, inimitable touch to. By helping them find a market for their products, and giving them their due recognition and remuneration, we aim to get them on their feet to be creating their own masterpieces and exercising their artistic creativity.

The Environment

We use only recycled or repurposed materials in the creation of the art that we make available for sale here at Own A Masterpiece. In an age where every single day makes it glaringly obvious human beings have created an imbalance in the natural order of things, companies like ours do their level best to make sure that we too play a part in the recovery of the Planet. From re-cut glass and mirrors for our collection of hand-decorated Mirrors, to tile fragments on our exquisite Coffee Tables that will leave you speechless because you will find it hard to believe that all this art was hiding from you for so long. Besides the guilt-free purchases that we offer with our variety of environmentally-safe and sustainable pieces of art that you can use, all if it is very wallet-friendly too.